Junk-free markup

Unlike some other popular frameworks, there's no need to apply classes to your markup to add styling or create a layout. Oneweb keeps styles where they are supposed to be, in your stylesheet.

Of course, to provide compatibility with clunky, junky markup written with the expectation that a framework like Bootstrap would be doing the styling, some stylistic classes like .btn, .label, .well, .table-bordered, etc. are included. However, there's still no need to use them in your markup.

You can see from the styling applied by the default Oneweb UI that it's easy and fast to style a link as a button, or create a grid layout, without using those classes in your markup.

Where classes are used in Oneweb's markup they describe the function of the element not its appearance. This brings human-level semantics to the markup and reduces the potential for ridiculous outputs like:

#some-extension .table-bordered {
    border: 0;
Don't laugh. People are writing much worse than this every day.

Mobile first

Media queries add to the design of larger, smarter devices ensuring the needs of mobile devices are always met.

Bloat free

Lean markup, efficient CSS and highly optimised overrides make Oneweb the fastest, lightest Joomla framework on the block.


Even with Javascript disabled users still get a fully responsive experience! Mobile-friendly, accessible, robust.

Semantic markup

html5 elements add the semantic value that search engines love, while semantic class names add meaning for humans.

Vertical rhythm

A scalable, responsive baseline grid ensures consistency in typography and layout, even with user-initiated resizes.

Clean markup

Layout and style can be applied entirely in CSS, leaving your markup framework agnostic and 100% awesome.