Object Orientated CSS

The CSS objects in a framework like Bootstrap mix elements of style and layout in a way which is very hard to separate. When you go to make changes you find yourself battling the framework.

Take the popular .well abstraction as an example. Suppose you want the layout properties of that object (clearfixing, hidden overflow, etc.) without a coloured background, border and box shadow? With Bootstrap you're stuck, the only option is to right some really bad css, undoing styles already set by the framework.

With Oneweb the framework brings all the layout properties of a .well object, without any of the styling. The UI template adds the style (border, background, etc.) if that's what the design calls for. If not, it's not there and there's nothing to override. The same is true of all Oneweb's CSS objects, the framework brings layout, the UI template brings the design.

Mobile first

Media queries add to the design of larger, smarter devices ensuring the needs of mobile devices are always met.

Bloat free

Lean markup, efficient CSS and highly optimised overrides make Oneweb the fastest, lightest Joomla framework on the block.


Even with Javascript disabled users still get a fully responsive experience! Mobile-friendly, accessible, robust.

Semantic markup

html5 elements add the semantic value that search engines love, while semantic class names add meaning for humans.

Vertical rhythm

A scalable, responsive baseline grid ensures consistency in typography and layout, even with user-initiated resizes.

Clean markup

Layout and style can be applied entirely in CSS, leaving your markup framework agnostic and 100% awesome.