Object Orientated CSS

Oneweb is built on an OOCSS framework that attempts to perform two key functions, cleanly separate layout from style and provide a range of reusable CSS objects that can be called upon to add style and layout to any element, so you never have to do battle with the framework!

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In addition to beautiful typographic presets, Oneweb also provides styles for some basic objects and components like the media abstraction, forms and tables. This post contains some examples of those components.

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Oneweb has been designed with typographic principles firmly in mind and comes with some kick-ass default styling, guaranteed to make your content shine! This post demonstrates a full range of elements styled by Oneweb, though much of the styling is actually applied via the UI template not the framework.

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Mobile first

Media queries add to the design of larger, smarter devices ensuring the needs of mobile devices are always met.

Bloat free

Lean markup, efficient CSS and highly optimised overrides make Oneweb the fastest, lightest Joomla framework on the block.


Even with Javascript disabled users still get a fully responsive experience! Mobile-friendly, accessible, robust.

Semantic markup

html5 elements add the semantic value that search engines love, while semantic class names add meaning for humans.

Vertical rhythm

A scalable, responsive baseline grid ensures consistency in typography and layout, even with user-initiated resizes.

Clean markup

Layout and style can be applied entirely in CSS, leaving your markup framework agnostic and 100% awesome.